Our little Musician November 13, 2008

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This is my 7 year old Makenzie.  We are on a  new adventure… learning to play the violin.  For any of you out there who have ever tried to play the violin, It is crazy hard.  I feel like not only is she learning to play but so are we. 

She has an amazing teacher, Dr Fajardo.  He is from Honduras.  He told Kenzie at her last practice that when he first started playing the violin that he practiced for 8 hours a day.  It is obvious. We went and saw him play in the symphony on Sunday.  It was beautiful!!! I have to admit that after the first set I was ready to go… BUT Makenzie was in AWE!!!

Did you know that when you start violin that you have to work up to using the bow. We are just getting ready to start on the bow.  That should be fun ( just a little sarcasm)! Right now we are learning our hand placements.



As we progress I will keep you posted.


Madagasccar November 12, 2008

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Our girls favorite movie is Madagasccar, and has been for quite some time.  So when we heard that it was coming out with a sequel you can only imagine the excitment in the Greer household.  The “Move It, Move It” song has been a regular in our house in preperation.  We decided that this would be a great idea for us for a family night.  We had a blast… the girls (especially Makenzie my oldest) Loved it!!!

I learned that Family Fun night does not always have to look the same every week.  It’s fun to shake it up a little bit!



Our new addition November 7, 2008

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This is our newest addition to our family Daphne.  A Golden Doodle which we got from Smeraglia Kennels.   She is the sweetest puppy ever. Her favorite thing to do is to put her paws on our shoulders like she is hugging us.  A very cuddly puppy, when she first came to live with us, she wanted to be in our bed.  Now she sleeps in her own crate because she is so big. 


She loves to play with our girls, especially our youngest Josie.  This is a picture of them dancing together…dscn08381

From what we read this my be the same type of puppy that will be living in the White House for the next 4 years.  We think that this would be a great choice!!!

Tell me about your favorite pet…


The Greer girls at Halloween November 3, 2008

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Halloween day is my grandmother’s birthday.  So every year we dress up for Halloween and go trick or treating, BUT we also say that it’s in honor of Mimi’s birthday. 

This year my grandmother turned 85 and so we traveled down to Chattanooga, Tn.  to be with her on her birthday.  Her favorite restaurant is PF Changs ( I know right? cool grannie). So we went chinese for dinner and then found a really cool neighborhood and let the kids go door to door. It was SO much fun, especially for my grandmother.  My sister (Jacki) and I walked with the girls, while Shannon and MIMI road alongside in the car.  Now that I live away from my family, I cherish all those little times when I get to be with them, and I knew how much getting to be involved meant to my grandmother, who just adores the girls.  It was a great halloween/birthday celebration.

We dressed up twice this season, halloween and for a dress up party I am posting the pictures of both. Enjoy!


Family Night #2

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We made Horton ears on head band

We made Horton ears on head band

The 1st Greer Family Fun night was a success.  Here is my recap…
We added a little glitz and glam to our Horton ears with some sparkly glitter.

We added a little glitz and glam to our Horton ears with some sparkly glitter.

The guys and there ears.

The guys and there ears.The girls and there ears 🙂

The kids had a blast playing our all time favorite game... Elefun!

The kids had a blast playing our all time favorite game... Elefun!

We had so much fun, and can’t wait for our next family fun night!!!


Family Night October 24, 2008

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I have heard a lot lately about different families who have family night.  The ones I heard of are so creative… and so I thought my kids would eat that up!!!!  SO… tomorrow night we are starting the first weekly GREER FAMILY CREATIVE FUN NIGHT!!!!!  

Our theme is going to be Horton the elephant.  We are going to rent Horton Hears A Who, and we are going to read Horton Hatches An Egg.  I would really like to make a craft of some sort and would love to incorporate our theme into dinner and desert. SO if you have any ideas between now and tomorrow night PLEASE let me know!!!

I will post pictures after the big event to let everyone know how it went.


Game Night October 14, 2008

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Our monday night small group is over so tonight we invited some of our friends over and had GAME NIGHT.  I am on a kick!!! I love the game Mad Gab ( you know the I am a luv machine game).  We had a blast.  I whipped up a big pot of spaghetti (comfort food) and we sat in the living room and went at it. 

It was a close game 61 to 51.  I have learned that my husband is really good at games… can you guess who’s team I choose to be on? 

Tell me about your game nights.  We are always looking for new games.